Homes We’ve Built

Buffalo Creek Construction has a 25-year history of building new houses on lots located in Atlanta’s intown neighborhoods, starting in the 1970′s in Virginia-Highlands, then into Candler Park and Lake Claire, and now expanding into in-fill lots in Edgewood, Kirkwood, Decatur, and East Atlanta. We have built only a few houses each year. Our plans are selected to fit in with the prevailing craftsman style in these areas, and we have an extensive collection of mantles, doors, windows, light fixtures, and other antique accessories that add authentic detail to the newest construction. Along the way we have also kept several properties and offer them for rent. They are among the most popular apartments in Midtown, Virginia-Highlands, Candler Park, and Lake Claire.

126 Hickory Dr
133 Whitefoord Ave
135 Whitefoord Ave
137 Whitefoord Ave
139 Whitefoord Ave
1550 Waco-Buncombe Road
1771 Wade St
1775 Wade St
1806 New York Ave
1808 New York Ave
1820 New York Ave
1826 New York Ave
1838 New York Ave
1902 Montvallo Ter
1994 Garden Cir
2007 Howard Cir
2013 Howard Cir
2089 Howard Cir
230 Whitefoord Ave
234 Whitefoord Ave
24 Lakeview Ave
254 Madison Ave
268 Casson
272 Ferguson Ave
274 Ferguson Ave
280 Ferguson Ave
282 Ferguson Ave
291 Durand Falls Drive
321 Mell
337 Candler Park Dr
337 Gordon Ave
340 Nelms
341 Gordon Ave
341 Josephine St
54 Mayson Ave
571 Oakdale
611 Flat Shoals Ave
66 Weatherby St
68 Weatherby St
770 Barnett St
772 Barnett St
907 North Highland Ave
909 North Highland Ave
911 North Highland Ave
913 North Highland Ave